2-Year Old Preschool Class

Our two year old students typically attend Tuesdays and Thursdays. The program for 2 year olds incorporates a lot of teacher-led play, giving children the opportunity to work on their social skills and learn how to interact with adults as well as peers. Students will work on age appropriate art projects, participate in music class, and get playtime outside. Some of the focuses in class time are to recognize colors and shapes, learn the parts of the body, and number and letter recognition. 

​3-Year Old Preschool Class

Our three year old students typically attend Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The program for 3 year olds also incorporates structured playtime. Children follow a program that has been modified off of the Pre-K curriculum to include age appropriate activities. Teachers work with students on letter and number recognition, early writing skills, recognizing and writing their own names, as well as continuing to develop social skills. Students continue to form relationships with their peers and learn the importance of sharing and working together. 

Pre-K Class

Our Pre-K program is designed to make sure your child is having a creative and fun experience while preparing for the years ahead! We balance learning and fun, and use blended resources to offer the most rewarding Pre-K program possible. Our main goal is to make sure your child has the proper tools to be a successful student in the future. We focus on reading and writing but let their imagination lead the way. We have Math and Science days, which always include fun experiments and movement. Our math curriculum focuses on everyday life: therefore we involve a lot of play. For example, playing grocery is a good way to teach about the value of money. Our classroom is structured with a daily schedule and rules, but we don't hesitate to let creativity and fun guide our day. We strive for our students to love school, and make sure they are ready and excited to move on to Kindergarten!