About Us

Tuesday School provides a nurturing preschool learning environment while developing self-esteem in each child. The focal point of our program is to offer age-appropriate activities and experiences to aid each child in developing to their fullest potential in all developmental areas: social, emotional, physical, intellectual.

We have two classes at Tuesday School: a mixed class of two-year-olds and three-year-olds (attending either Tuesday/ Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday); and four-year-olds (attending school Monday through Friday). Students in the mixed two and three-year-old class have the option of attending 2 or 3 days a week. Students in the four-year-old class attend 5 days a week. School runs from 9am to 12pm. The "Early Bird" program begins at 8:00 am in which parents can drop off children early before regular classes start for an additional fee. 

Students also participate in music, dance, and Spanish classes!


*Due to the increasing number of food allergies, students are required to bring his/her own snack to class each day. Teachers will have some snacks on hand for the occasional students who forget or are unable to bring one. Thank you for understanding and helping to keep our students safe! 

Tuesday School is proud to have on its team certified teachers with early childhood education and years of experience teaching young minds.


Please take a virtual tour of our school through our pictures, our teacher profiles, and posted events. We invite you to take a "real tour" of our preschool with your child during school hours anytime Monday through Friday, 9 am - noon. 


To learn more about our school or set up a tour of our classrooms, please contact our administrator at 828-329-6557 or email us at tuesdayschool.org@gmail.com