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Tuesday School is proud to have teachers with years of experience in Early Childhood Education. In addition to education and experience, teachers are hired based on their ability to work with children and their warmth of personality. 
Courtney Smith (Pre-K)

Miss Courtney studied at Savannah College of Art and Design and majored in Elementary Education at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She has continued her education by taking courses in Early Childhood Development, Preschool Fundamentals, and Core Curriculum Foundations. She has been the lead teacher in the 4 year old Pre-K class at  Tuesday School since the 2011-2012 school year. She has years of experience working with children from toddler to school ages. Courtney is a mother of 3 children herself. They have lived in the Tryon area since 2011 and love the community. Courtney has done a lot of volunteer work to give back to the community and schools, including serving as President of the Tryon Elementary School PTA for two years.

"At Tuesday School we follow the Polk County curriculum to make sure all students are prepared for Kindergarten when they graduate. However, we try to pull resources from several different sources, to provide a well rounded and fun educational approach to teaching. Our goal is to make students feel confident, secure, and loved. We want them to really love coming to school and love learning. We are setting the foundation for their future. We strive to make sure they have the best start and skills to be successful students in the years to come. "

"My favorite thing about Tuesday School is the connection of families and children. It is a network of parents and teachers that come together to provide a wonderful educational and fun experience for the students. The relationships made at Tuesday School extend way beyond the Preschool years and often lifelong friendships are made. "


Sara Wolff (Pre-K)

Mrs. Sara is the assistant teacher in the 4 year old class.  She has been with Tuesday School since 2019. Mrs. Sara is currently seeking her Early childhood teaching certification. She worked as a teacher aide and substitute teacher at the Tryon Seventh Day Adventist school for 5 years. 

"I believe that all children are unique and should be in a positive environment where they feel safe and nurtured. Learning should be fun and it can be achieved by providing a classroom with hands-on learning activities and lots of play. My goal as a educator is to help the children get excited to explore the world around them and encourage them to make good choices. Every child should learn at their own pace and be encouraged to do their best no matter their background. Parents are the child's first teachers and should have a very active role in the children education. Regular communication with families is very important for the benefit of the child. Together we can help the child succeed. I love that Tuesday School is a parent cooperative. I love seeing the parents involvement. I also love the small community feeling between families and teachers."

"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning."  Fred Rogers

2-3 Year Olds

Katharine Janes
Teresa Cantrell (2-3 yo)

Miss Teresa is the lead teacher for our 2-3 year old classroom. She received her Associates Degree in Applied Science with Early Care and Education from Spartanburg Community College. She graduated with Honors, and was at the top of her class. Miss Teresa has been with Tuesday School since 2015. She has been married for 19 years, and has three children: Max, Sam, Jacob, and two beautiful grandchildren. She has been involved with her community teaching Sunday school at her church. She also helped charter a Cub Scout pack where she taught for 6 years, before chartering a Boy Scout troop where she is currently the Assistant Scoutmaster. She enjoys working with children and watching them learn and grow. In her spare time, she is usually with her family traveling, shopping, camping, or going on new adventures. 

"I believe children learn best in a safe, developmentally appropriate, nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. This gives them a positive self-image and a love of learning. Children in preschool should be valued as unique individuals with care and understanding during each stage of their growth and development.I  will strive to implement a love for learning through play with  developmental age appropriate practices and hands on fun activities that lay the foundations for future academic success while teaching the whole child."

"As a Early childhood teacher my approach to educating and enriching the whole child revolves around play and a fun preschool experience with a curriculum that is based on early care electives and state standards that is age appropriate for a young child’s learning. Play through learning in a safe environment will enable each child to reach his or her highest potential by supporting children wherever they are on their own learning path and timeline. When you have a low child-to-teacher ratio and small class sizes it enables me to implement.

  • spend quality teaching time with each child;

  • develop close child-teacher bonds of affection, trust and respect;

  • assess each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and work to achieve the best learning outcomes for each child;

  • work with children in small groups.

My goal is to build up skills and instill a desire to learn to prepare students to be successful in future pre-k and  kindergarten classes."

Baliya Cannady (2-3 yo)

Miss Baliya is the teacher assistant in the 2-3 year old classroom.  She is a native to Polk County. 

Enrichment Programs
Gaye Johnson  (Music)

A native of Green Creek, Miss Gaye has been singing and playing acoustic guitar since she was a child. She and her partner Phil perform their blend of traditional and contemporary folk, bluegrass, and country music for audiences all over the United States. 

Colleen Abril  (Spanish)

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